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Forget all the rigid bulky protectors you can buy in any store for less than a good breakfast.
Most of those products do not offer any comfort or flexibility and tend to restrict your freedom of movement with their bulky designs. Not really the first and ideal choice for a product that has to ensure a certain level of safety when you are dealing with the risk of getting injured.

Xion PG offers a new and revolutionary design in personal body protection. Our products are thin, comfortable, flexible and extremely impact reductive using the D3O® technology. On top of that our products are worn as Base-Layer garments AND the designs are extremely low profile due to the thin and flexible properties of the D3O® paddings.



Quotes from professionals working with our products:

Tanoai Reed | stuntdouble for Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson
"Finally!!...A set of stunt pads that won't make me look like Frankenstein. Being a bigger guy, even the slimmest motorcross, bmx, or snowboard pads still make me look like a freak. They fit so well you can't even tell I'm wearing them even with the tight spandex wardrobe I'm wearing for the movie Fast and Furious 6. Wore the short sleeve jacket, only to come off of a car and didn't feel a thing. The Kneeshin protectors pull up over your thighs so they wont slip and they are so comfortable I forgot I had them on by the end of the day. With this set you can downsize your huge ass stunt pad bag to a backpack. Thanks Rene, -Tanoai."


James Biesty | Owner & administrator @ www.thegoodride.com
"Maybe one day everyone will be using something like Xion Protective Gear on the hill and in the park. This isn't snowboard specific body armor but we haven't found something yet that works as well as Xion does for our industry."

Mischo Erban | recordholder Downhill skateboarder @ 130 KM/H
"Xion is the best protective gear I have ever used! The level of protection is awesome, flexibility is great and best of all, the D3O® is removable/replaceable for washing and maintenance. I feel way more comfortable going fast and pushing the limits Downhill Skateboarding with the Xion gear under my leathers! I really love how much more serious the Xion protection is compared to others!"

Steve Rizzo | Stunt coordinator - stunt performer
"I did use my jacket in NY this past weekend. Unbelievable!!!!!!!! I've never felt so at ease and comfortable landing on my back. Came off a motorcycle at abour 30 MPH on my back and slid along a cobble stone street and hit the curb. It is by far the best piece of equipment I own now. And you can quote me on that!"

Chuck Borden | stunt coordinator since 1985
"I have been doing stunts for movies and TV for over 25 years now and this is the best padding I have come across. Durable, comfortable and works great. A "must have" for the serious stunt person, athlete or someone that works in tough situations."

Tim Klotz | Fight director - perfomer - teacher
"I don't go co-co about products much, but this is the best fight/stunt padding out there!"