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Two Dutch stuntmen read an article in a science magazine about a new ‘smart’ polymer called D3O®.
They immediately saw the potential to replace existing rigid and bulky impact protection gear with a low-profile and flexible solution. They jumped on a plane to meet the company behind this invention, and so their journey began…
After years of prototyping, testing and improvement - with enormous support from fellow stunt professionals and athletes - the XION® Protective Gear (PG) brand was born.

Now anyone who actively faces physical impact, either professionally or leisure-wise, can greatly benefit from wearing high-quality XION® products.
The founders of XION® feel extremely confident that they have designed and developed the “next generation” of protective base layers.
But the journey does not end there.
By holding on to their values, and with the support of partners and an ever-growing number of fans, XION® continues its mission to provide you with only the best.