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Noorderwind // Xioneer

XIONEER// Ambassador


Action designers/European martial artists

CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: Noorderwind contributed to the combat scenes of multiple film&TV projects with amongst others the historical action movie Admiral/Michiel de Ruyter

- www.noorderwind.org


The stunt performers of Noordenwind are specialised action design for film, tv and live shows, inspired by hundred years of European martial tradition.

Noorderwind is continuously searching for new ways to raise the bar. As part of this proces they have started to use Xion Protective Gear as protection for the body.


"Highly recommended. It is more comfortable than standard protection, and you can wear it all day." - Marc Trines -

"The Xion suit gave me the confidence and protection to do my stunts this without any hestitation or doubt. This just made my stunts better.
 So I can honestly say that I love this suit." - Jeroen Bane -