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August 21, 2016

Days on snow in season 2015-­2016: 192

Days of riding with Xion Protecion:
­‐ Freeride Jacket D3O: +/-­ 140 days
­‐ Bermuda Freeride D3O: +/-­ 50 days

Technical funcionality and safety:
During this “working” season I’ve had multiple days where I got the chance to ride in the park or go freeriding or even went through the Giant Slalom gates. When the protection is close to your body and underneath a sweater or jacket, it stays flexible at all temperatures I got exposed to! That’s from -­‐18°C with a cold North Wind in full winter unil +20°C on the warm and slushy end of season days!
If you keep the protecion outside exposed to the cold, you quickly understand how the protecion works: it get’s pretty hard and doesn’t bend anymore. After wearing it for a couple of minutes, your body temperature is already enough to make it totally flexible again.

This is the amazing thing about D3O! I could move in al directions without any limitations and when I would crash with my back first about 6m down from the lip of the halfpipe … I’d just be able walk away and shake it of.
I could hit my elbow on a rail or crash with my bum on the box and don’t even really feel a big impact.
Even when I got caught in icy avalanche debris on a freeride, did a tomahawk and landed on my side, the protecion absorbed the smack on my hips, back and shoulders.
OK, I also had a small injury on the collarbone, because my protection slipped a couple of centimeters aside when I crashed, slid over a tube and made a flip onto Ice, shoulder first …
Probably also a matter of;

Size and wearability:
Jacket and Pants are thermal and stretching fabric, so they give along really nice. Also no marks or damaged skin on my body aier extensive wearing, so the fabric doesn’t cause any allergic or other reactions.

Also one the thing I like a lot about the protecion. Because of the flexability of the protecion padding, you can take parts easily out and in to wear only the padding you need.

Compared to other full body protection, this Jacket and Pants doesn’t really show.
With Xion Protective Gear it almost didn’t show that I was wearing something underneath!

This protection is a keeper!
I’m really happy to get the chance to test it on an extensive period. Where a lot of material started to show fails halfway through this long season, the Protective Gear of Xion never failed on me.