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Grant Koo

REVIEW// Stunt performer Grant Koo reviews Xion PG

AUTHOR: Grant Koo


Xion gear not only fits my needs, but far surpasses all the other stunt gear that i have used. Most of the time I am able to use the Xion long sleeve jacket and full pant on every stunt that has been performed.It allows me to just bring just these 2 items to set and be totally protected from head to toe.

The gear is very low profile and not bulky at all.. which allows me to wear the xion gear comfortably without the look of bulky padding.

The biggest benefit is that I can enter a set and complete a stunt with piece of mind that my my gear won’t fail and that i will be completely protected.

There is no comparison to Xion and the other gear that I have used in the past… all my other pads and equipment have become obsolete since using the Xion 3DO products. They are the only ones I have in my stunt bag.

Grant Koo