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XION® products are tested and embraced by stuntmen, (extreme) sports athletes, law enforcement officers, SWAT members, stage and screen combatants and more...

The XION® product range is specifically designed to wear as undergarments and can be worn covertly under any type of sportswear, uniform or workwear.



XION® products contain several technological features. In the infogram below, we have lined up the main features of our products.



XION® products are powered by D3O’s ground breaking impact protection solutions. D3O is a pioneer in the development of shock absorbing ‘smart’ materials. They are exceptional in achieving the highest protection while retaining optimum flexibility.

XION® was amongst the first to implement the patented D3O® technology into body protective garments. This early partnership has contributed much in the creation of innovative undergarments based on both science and field experience.

D3O’s Impact Protection solutions are developed for markets where high impact energies are experienced and offer enhanced shock absorbing properties that provide the ultimate in soft and flexible protection. Each material solution has it’s own unique specifications.



D3O® is a patented technology with a unique molecular structure allowing it to remain soft and flexible. On impact, D3O’s molecules lock together, which absorb and dissipate the impact energy, and reduce the force transmitted.



The D3O performance data below show the impact performance of the main D3O formulations we use in our products compared to other products in the market:



XION® currently produces its products in the EU. This makes our products slightly more expensive than most people are used to and for an extremely legitimate reason. Many apparel brands choose to produce their products in countries where workers are exploited, rules and regulations are neglected and manufacturing is not being regulated according to modern (western) standards. XION® does not want to contribute to this way of doing business just to earn a few cents more. A fair way of doing business also means both the manufacturer as well as the customer must take responsibility when buying a product.



The XION® product range mainly consists of products specifically designed to wear as undergarments. For this reason we have carefully chosen fabrics which perform optimal during physical exercise.



The main fabric used by XION®, is a high quality jersey stretch-fabric (81 % nylon 19 % elastane) that comes in black with grey stitching. We cover the parts of our products that are more exposed to wear and tear with an abrasion resistant nylon/elastane fabric for longer life of the products. Also a nylon based mesh fabric is used in vital places for breathability.



XION® Products can damage when not handled with care;
- Do NOT puncture
- Store dry at room temperature for best performance
- Preferably hand wash at max. 30° C
- Do Not Bleach
- Do Not Iron
- Do Not Tumble Dry
- Do Not Dry-clean
- Wash separately or with similar colours
- If your XION® product contains a back pad, please remove it before washing
- Velcro Male can damage the threads of your products

Note: EN 1621 certified D3O pads are not guaranteed to retain their EN 1621 compliant properties when washed. To ensure they remain EN 1621 compliant, wipe clean only.



XION® Impact Protective gear is designed to help reduce the risk of INJURIES resulting from an impacting event or incident. However, it will not make the user invulnerable. No protective gear, protective pads or other impact protective products sold by XION®, can fully guard against various injuries that may occur from a collision, act of violence, (sports) accident or other (impacting) incidents; (serious) injury could still occur.

Take care of your XION® gear and check the products before each use for signs of wear and/or damage and replace if necessary. For maximum protection all XION® products should be properly sized and fitted to the wearer and not be modified in any way.

Always use XION® products within your ability and control and always check if the products are suitable for the intended use. Discontinue the use of products if the product/fabric becomes torn, worn or punctured, to avoid potential injuries. Bad terrain conditions, poorly maintained or worn products and the use of alcohol & drugs, can increase the risk of potential injuries. XION® is not responsible for damage to products due to normal wear and tear.

Be Safe - Stay Safe!