The XION® company has its office and storage facilities in 24235 Stein, Germany. From there Xion® sends protective gear all over the world, from the United States to Australia and from the UK to Canada.

You can find our protective garments everywhere around the globe, lots of different people wear them. Professionals, freeriders and hobbyist dare devils in various markets and trades already got acquainted with the gear. However, the wide spreading and ditto acceptance of the product is no reason for the Xion® staff to get arrogant. The company is not very hierarchical and has short lines. The employees go to great lengths to offer the highest service standard possible.


XION® uniquely crafts the protective gear. The people at the company pour their passion and experience in every piece of clothing they produce and send out. While it started with the idea to get better protection for stunt professionals, it grew into more than they could ever imagine.

Traditionally impact protection consists of bulky, rigid materials. Not ideal, because it forces a compromise between the amount of protection you need and the freedom of movement you want. With their background as stunt professionals the founders of Xion® were looking for a more flexible solution. It took them some time, but in the end they developed the perfect protective base layers. Xion® specifically designed the gear to wear invisibly underneath your clothes, workwear or costume.

The creation of the XION® product line is user-driven. The founders of the company had a lot of help. They took their experience in the stunt industry and combined that with valuable feedback from both colleagues and athletes in extreme sports. That way they learned to produce supreme low-profile body impact protection without compromising on freedom of movement.


XION® produces its line of protective gear in the EU. The company does this for an extremely legitimate reason, although it makes the products slightly more expensive. Many apparel brands choose to produce their assortment in countries where workers are exploited, with rules and regulations neglected. No modern (western) standards regulate manufacturing there. XION® does not want to contribute to this way of doing business just to earn a few cents more. Fair trade means the manufacturer as well as the customer take responsibility when buying a product.


XION® composes its products with high-performance materials. The company pursues excellence by staying on top of worldwide developments in the field of body protection. Xion® uses fabrics in their protective garments that are selected from the best components for durability and comfort. The people from Xion® are proud to say they can offer you the most outstanding body protective garments.

By holding on to their values and with the support of an ever-growing number of fans, the XION® company continues its mission to provide you with only the best.