XION products

At XION® we develop our products to serve the protective needs that come with the various applications by the users. XION tailors each piece to combine with others so everyone can build their set from top to bottom and vice versa.

The XION® company designs its products specifically as baselayers. You can wear the gear covertly under any type of sportswear, uniform or other work wear. From stuntmen to law enforcement officers and (extreme sports) athletes to rescue workers; they all tested the products and embrace them.


Users of XION® protective gear are looking for protection, but also want wear that offers maximum flexibility. Because of that the company has carefully chosen fabrics which perform optimal during physical exercise.

The main fabric is a high quality jersey stretch fabric. For breathability a nylon based mesh fabric is used in vital places. For a longer life of the products XION® covers the parts that are more exposed to wear and tear with an abrasion resistant 4-way stretch fabric.

All XION® products are true Dutch design and produced within the European Union for quality and fair trade reasons. The founders of the company developed their garments in close cooperation with the different groups of people that benefit the most by the use of protective gear. Without their contribution XION® would never receive so many positive reviews from its customers nowadays.


XION® products contain several technological features. In the infogram below we have lined up the main features of our products.


XION® was amongst the first companies to implement the patented D3O® technology into body protective garments. This early partnership contributed a lot in the creation of the innovative undergarments. The XION® products are based on both science and -evenly important- field experience.

D3O® is a pioneer in the development of shock absorbing ‘smart materials’. The company is exceptional in achieving the highest protection while retaining optimum flexibility. You can read all about that on our special D3O® page.


XION® Protective gear is designed to help reduce the risk of injuries resulting from an impacting event or incident. However, it will not make the user invulnerable. No products sold by XION® can fully guard against various injuries that may occur from a collision, act of violence, accident or other impacting incidents.

It helps when you take good care of your XION® garment. We described how you can best handle your gear in our care and handling instructions. Check the products before each use for signs of wear and/or damage. If necessary, replace (a part of) your product. 

To achieve maximum protection, all XION® products should be properly sized and fitted to the wearer and not be modified in any way. You can look at our sizing chart here.