Fit: Really good fit and it seems to conform to my not quite normal build.  My only complaint about the fit is the way the sleeves fit around the wrist.  The thick elastic band feels to tight and it’s a little awkard getting it on over a first layer which is how I like to wear it so if I’m stopping for lunch or drinks I can take it off. It would be better to see a thumb loop instead.

Construction: Really solid construction with some really strong stitching going on.  This jacket does not look like it will fall apart and the material is very sturdy.

Breathability: The material is all about being sturdy but at the same time it breathes well.  The mesh really helps in the pits and the inside of the elbows where you radiate a lot of heat.

Protection: It’s got about everything you need for when you ride and it makes for a great upper body protection when snowboarding.  I’d like to see a wider and longer back protector because I have a longer torso for my size than most but it’s not a deal breaker by any means.

Overall: This is the best jacket I have found out there for snowboarding.  No one knows you are wearing protection but even better these Xion jackets have really saved my ass many times now and kept me riding when I would normally be looking for some percocete.


Fit: Great Fit and there is even a zipper which is great because it takes a little work to get over your pants.

Construction: Really solid construction and you can tell by the stitching and material that this pant will last a long time.

Protection: It has lots of pads and even better if you don’t feel you need all the pads all of them are removable. I’m going to remove the thigh protection and side protection because that’s my personal preference but it could come in handy if you ride the jib park a lot as you can fall in a lot of weird ways there.

Breathability: The Xion Bermuda Pant breathes well and they put mesh in the hot spots like the back of your knee.

Overall: They got this pant right for snowboarders and it works around boots really well. .

BY: james biesty - thegoodride.com




Let’s face it snowboarding isn’t free of injury and if you do this sport long enough you will encounter a few sneaker falls that cause damage. So over the years I have tried many upper body armor jackets. Some are low profile but offer little real protection. Others offer a lot of protection but make you look like you are going to play hockey. Xion is one the only low profile jacket that also doesn’t compromise on protection.


The Xion Long Sleeve Jacket is expensive but about the best low profile body armor you can find for snowboarding. Think about what the hospitals charge and then this price is pretty reasonable. This is a tremendous amount less than your insurance max out of pocket so you have to think of it that way.


Usually when you have low profile body armor it skimps significantly on protection. Some provide some thin EVA foam pads that offer some protection from minor falls but you are fk’d if you have a major to even medium fall. I even encountered one company that actually thought that memory foam and a little plastic could protect your spine. This is tragically funny but that is where the industry is right now when it comes to fitting protection under a snowboard jacket without making it look like a hockey jersey. With the addition of d3o technology we are getting very close to having body armor that is almost unnoticeable under a jacket and offers a significant amount more protection. The Old and New model have the same low profile.


The Xion Long Sleeve Jacket is not designed specifically for snowboarders. Its original intent was for stunt men but the 2 worlds have similar needs. This does a great job fitting inconspicuously under even a thin shell. After a few days on the hill with the Long Sleeve protection under my jacket I really didn’t notice. The only minor complaint was the strong elastic wrist bands. It’s not terrible but I think snowboarders would like to have a thumb loop instead of this. Other than that the fit is excellent and very snug which is important for d3o to work. There is also some added warmth but not soo much that you need to change your layering too much. Xion added different and far more breathable material in areas like the arm pits for where you sweat a lot. The other material that houses the padding is strong and stitched well. At the same time it’s very thin and pretty breathable. D3o does mold to your body pretty well so all in all the whole experience is comfy and uninhibited. It can be a little hard in the colder weather but once you have it next to your body it becomes more soft. I wouldn’t leave it in your car overnight. It’s better to put it on in the warm house so it stays loose. On days that I left it in the car it took a little time to get it to warm up and mold to your body.


Lets face it. Even with protection there are still so many ways you can break yourself. Sometimes just the angle of the fall can jack your back or hips or ?? I have found that the xion protective gear can help keep me out there after what should of been a day ender fall. In the very near future helmets will be mandatory to get your lift ticket and many of the Pro’s are getting into body armor. Maybe one day everyone will be using something like Xion Protective Gear on the hill and in the park. This isn’t snowboard specific body armor but we haven’t found something yet that works as well as Xion does for our industry. Hopefully Xion Protective Gear will grow and be a household protection name for snowboarding.