Jewelianna Ramos


World Champion Martial Artist 
SAG-AFTRA Stunt Actress
Published Model


•Black Panther 2 •Blue Beetle •Mortal Kombat •True Lies •MsMarvel &more




Can you tell us a bit about your background as a stunt performer and how you got into this exciting profession?

I got into the amazing world of stunts because of my Martial Arts background. I began training in martial arts when I was 3 years old. My parents and family all do martial arts so I was basically born on the mats, it’s all I have ever known, it’s my first love. I went on to become a professional martial artist, hold multiple world titles in sport karate. Because of the martial arts and the high caliber I was competing at, I happened to meet, train and become close with stunt performers in the industry, they showed me the ropes and when I was ready they helped me get my first jobs, the rest is history. I’ve been hooked! 

As a brand ambassador for XION PG, you must have a genuine appreciation for their protective gear. What is it about XION PG gear that stands out to you?

As a brand ambassador for XION PG I not only have a genuine appreciation but an incredible amount of respect for what Xion has created. It’s the first thing on my list when I pack my stunt bag no matter how little or large my gear bag is. It is the first, most important and versatile gear for protection not only stunt performers should own but any athlete with a need for injury prevention like snowboarding, BMX, motorcycles or skating. I am a raving fan and have been even before I became an ambassador, ask any of my colleagues, friends or training partners. Its low profile, customizable coverage, and D3O technology make it stand far above any other protective gear.


Safety is paramount in the world of stunt performing. Could you share a specific experience or instance where XION PG’s protective gear played a crucial role in keeping you safe while performing stunts?

Safety comes first in the world of stunt performing which is why in all instances where I can wear my XION PG, I WILL. I had to a pretty gnarly mountain biking style gag, that included 2 near miss car hits, go through a wooden fence and bail off the bike while I “lose control” coming down a steep dirt hill tumble until I land at the base of a specific tree and mark, where the actress would then come in and take over the scene. I know its a lot but because my Xion PG is so good at protecting me and it fit perfectly under my wardrobe, I was able to do over 15 takes to allow for different angles and choreography changes until we got EXACTLY what the director envisioned and I went home dirty but thanks to Xion PG, I DID NOT go home hurt. 

In what ways has XION PG’s protective gear contributed to your overall comfort and confidence while performing high-risk stunts?

XION PG has allowed me to be the best performer I can possibly be. The fact that it moves so well with your body, without restriction, full range of movement, low profile, perfectly contours the body which means it’s so easy for you to get it under your wardrobe and it’s SO customizable that I can put in and remove pads to places I know I will and will not need them. AND Xion gives me the confidence to full send gags, falls, hits, wires, you name it and know that Xion PG is going to eat that hurt for me! Alot of what we do has a technique to keep us safe BUT it does not mean it keeps it from hurting, that’s where Xion PG steps in and keeps you in the game longer, stronger, for more takes, and keeps you from being as sore the next day so you can do it all over again.

How do you feel XION PG’s commitment to safety aligns with your own values as a stunt performer?

Number one rule in stunts is SAFETY. I feel confident when I put on my XION PG because I can see and feel how much detail they have put into creating protective gear that screams “YOUR SAFETY IS PRIORITY”. My goal is to come home safely every day, and I KNOW Xion PG has my back… literally hahah.

As someone who has experienced the benefits of XION PG’s gear firsthand, what advice would you offer to other stunt performers when it comes to selecting the right protective equipment for their work?

My experience with the benefits of Xion PG translate directly to wearing something you know has the science behind it, XION is built by stunt people for stunt people, they understand our very specific niche lifestyle. The most important piece of advice I can give you is that “you get what you pay for” and your safety is priceless, there is no price tag on coming home in one piece with little to no aches and pains so that you may continue to love and enjoy the life you deserve.