SEASON 18/19 : 2nd Place NK/BK freestyle Laax (Youth).
SEASON 16/17: 2nd Place Half Pipe, Slopestyle and Big Air, Dutch National Championships Laax (Overall Men), 1st Place Dutchcup Series Senior Men.
SEASON 15/16: 1st Place Half Pipe, Dutch National Championships Laax (Overall Men), 2nd Place Slopestyle & Big Air, Dutch National Championships Laax (Overall Men), 1st Place Slopestyle, Halfpipe & Big Air, Dutch National Championships Laax (Youth).



I started to ski when I was 3 years old during the holidays with my parents. When I was 7 years old I ended up by accident in a fun park. From that moment onwards I was passionate about Freestyle Skiing. Over the years I started to practice more seriously both indoor as well as in the mountains. The progression I made motivated me to start competing in the Dutch National Championship and the Dutchcups (series of mainly indoor competitions). However for me the best moment is still to ski my friends and have a lot of fun together.

For upcoming season I hopefully will spend a longer period of time in the mountains to further develop my skills and participate in a couple of international competitions in addition to the Dutch National Championship & Dutchcup.

Freestyle skiing is the best sport there is but there is off course some risk associated. With Xion Protective Gear, I have the best possible protection in the market to limit the risk of major injuries. In addition due to the flexibility of D3O, the garments gives me full freedom of movement to perform complex tricks.

“ Xion Protective Gear gives me confidence to develop as a Freestyle Skier. The products keep me safe in case my trick didn’t go as planned.”

– Lucas Laudy