Knee-Shins Pro Evo – D3O

 139,99 Incl. VAT

The XION® Protective Gear Knee-shin protectors PRO-EVO are specifically designed to wear as an undergarment.
The product is sold as a pair to cover both knees. An ideal replacement of the traditional bulky rigid protection.

The pads are removable, flexible and breathable. A revolutionary material called D3O® (dee-three-oh) which is made of “Intelligent Molecules” that flow with you as you move but on shock/impact lock together (in a fraction of a second) to absorb the impact.

The knee areas are covered with a very durable abrasion resistant fabric. The main fabric of the product is a strong, stretchable and breathable fabric, specifically designed for the sports industry.

Having proper fitted protection is important.
Please consult our Size Guide before ordering your protection!