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XION® Protective Gear produces a variety of protective under garments for the purpose of the PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) market. These products can be worn comfortably underneath any uniform or other work wear. XION® base layer body protection protects against blunt trauma impact using a proven concept for personal protection that employs the D3O® impact protection technology.
XION® is registered as an official NATO Supplier under NCAGE# H2GA8.


One of the founders of XION® has been actively involved in Law enforcement for over a decade. The experience as an operator in this area has contributed to the design of a selective range of blunt trauma impact protective products specifically suitable for specialist operators within law enforcement, SAR, SPECOPS, and other fieldwork.


Depending on the project and MOQ, Xion PG can design products for you or alter models from the existing collection. We can sit down with you and discuss your protection needs. If we have not already found a satisfactory solution, we will make a proper analysis and convert that into a customized fitting product.


Satisfied customers can be found in the Air Force Search and Rescue, Navy Search and Rescue, Commercial Search and Rescue, Coast Guard, Crowd riot control, Police units, Military Police units, SEALS and Rangers worldwide. For confidentiality reasons we don’t mention specific teams on our page.


Requests from the PPE market often require FR properties. As a result XION® developed a collection of impact protective garments dedicated to users who are likely to encounter situations where fire is a clear additional risk. Contact us to get a complete list of XION products available in FR.


If you are interested and want to make an inquiry, please inform us about your team, unit or division and we will be able to share additional information with you.
- Email our sales department: sales@xionpg.com


We look forward to get the opportunity to also help protect your people who are out there every day making a difference in many people’s lives.

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    “ The Government Training Institute has been field-testing the XION PG Long sleeve jacket and Pant Xtreme for several months in a variety of different environments. GTI staff, students and visitors have ”

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